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Piano Savvy for Singers

In 30 days or less, put an end to hesitant fingers and making cringey faces…Get ready to enjoy playing the piano with an easy to follow, step-by-step curriculum created JUST FOR SINGERS.

Piano Savvy for Singers

Are you tired of…

…not being able to accompany yourself or others?

…paying others to play the piano for you so you can practice?

…piano lessons made for pianists that aren’t what you need?

Good News!

Piano Savvy for Singers was made JUST FOR YOU!


You’ve got a gig

Professional Singer

…you’ve got music to learn for an upcoming performance, and you’re going to have to rely on someone else to help you learn it – again. You don’t have the piano skills to play the music for yourself, so you’ll be paying someone to teach the music to you or make a practice track for you (or both). You’ll spend your energy trying to find someone who is available (and affordable), who can hopefully help you in time.

Now Imagine you’ve taken Piano Savvy for Singers…

…you’ve been hired to sing for a performance coming up fast, and it’s music you don’t know. That’s not a problem for you, though, because you can sit down at the piano and work on the music straight away, in your own time without feeling like you’re helpless unless someone can play for you. You can learn a piece quickly and easily with confidence.

Want to feel like this? Piano Savvy for Singers is for You!

You’re Teaching

Voice Teacher

…you’re a great teacher and admittedly, a not-so-great pianist. You struggle to do more than plunk out notes for your students. Attempting to play takes up all of your concentration and you can’t really focus on your student – not to mention all the apologizing and making it potentially harder for your student to learn the piece. As a result, you have your students work with nothing, with unforgiving tracks that can’t follow them, or with an accompanist you pay to come for half the lesson.

Now Imagine you’ve taken Piano Savvy for Singers…

…your teaching has leveled up because you have the confidence and skills to play more than just a melody during vocalizing and rep work. Your lessons run more smoothly, you’re no longer apologizing for (or defending) your lack of accompaniment support, and you’re noticing a difference in your students’ confidence and improvement, too. You can easily focus on what you do best – teach great technique to your singers – while giving them a higher level of support.

Want to feel like this? Piano Savvy for Singers is for You!

You’re Practicing

Voice Student

…your voice lesson is only once a week – you struggle with figuring out how to practice the other 6 days without that support. Your teacher is there to teach you vocal technique, not notes and rhythms, so you sing things a cappella in whatever key you pick (maybe singing the right notes and end up in the same key?), you sing along with recordings, or you invest even more money in working with a pianist in addition to your voice teacher. It’s hard to feel inspired because you don’t ever feel like you get to the fun part, where you can enjoy singing the songs you love, unless you’re working with someone else.

Now Imagine you’ve taken Piano Savvy for Singers…

…after your lesson, you feel excited to come home and practice the song you’re working on. You can sit down at the keyboard and check yourself with the melody, and then you can get a real feel for the song by playing the chords. You can enjoy feeling like you’re performing – even just for yourself – because there’s a complete experience to what you’re doing when you practice.

Want to feel like this? Piano Savvy for Singers is for You!

Could you really do this in 30 days or less?

Yes, you can, and it’s because this curriculum is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Perhaps you’ve had experiences that are holding you back from trying to learn piano. But there are a lot of myths surrounding piano study! Here are some that I’ve heard from students over the years: 

MYTH #1: In order to play the piano well, I have to learn how to play Mozart sonatas and Bach preludes.

THE TRUTH: Classical piano music is not the end-all-be-all of piano mastery. You don’t EVER have to play a piece of solo piano music in order to be able to navigate the keyboard like a pro.

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Yes, some piano accompaniments look just as complex as a Beethoven concerto. But as a singer, you don’t need to know how to play every single note like a virtuoso. The skill you need is the one that allows you to determine what needs to be played that will support the singing. That knowledge does not come from playing a Mozart sonata! It comes from understanding the harmonic and rhythmic structure of the piece and being able to direct your hands to play only the essential elements.

This skill can be gained playing ANY genre of music if you have the understanding of the fundamentals. Classical music is fine, but not necessary!

In Section 1: Fundamentals you’ll learn what a SINGER specifically needs to know and nothing more, so that you can play only what you need to in any genre of music.

MYTH #2: I’ll have to practice the piano for an hour a day to get better.

THE TRUTH: Yes, of course you have to practice! BUT – you don’t have to practice for hours a day to become better.

“You practice and you get better. It’s very simple.” -Phillip Glass

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What matters is HOW you practice, not how long.

The fact  is you can achieve more in 15 minutes of practice than in 60 minutes of practice if you know HOW to practice.

In Section 4: Mastery, you will learn the art of effective, mindful practice, saving you tons of time and energy.

MYTH #3: I can’t play well because my hands don’t want to coordinate together at all.

THE TRUTH: You won’t believe how easy this can be when you know the right method to develop right-left hand coordination.

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Developing coordination between the hands requires simple exercises that “trick” the hands and the brain into not getting stuck in one pattern. Using a switching method with different rhythms and melodic patterns along with repetition, you’ll be able to retrain your neural pathways to accept the flow you need to support singing well with both hands.

In Section 3: Reducing Accompaniments, you’ll learn how to simplify accompaniments and make coordination issues a thing of the past.

And in Section 4: Mastery, you will learn effective practice techniques for developing coordination in a way that feels easy and doable.

MYTH #4: I can’t make up accompaniments because I don’t know how to improvise.

THE TRUTH: You don’t need to be a jazz improv master to create accompaniments for singers!

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Knowing how to play effective accompaniments is based on three things: the chord structure, the melodic rhythm, and the style of the song.

In Section 3: Original Material, you will learn how to create simple accompaniments from scratch that support whatever style of music you wish. No jazz performance degree needed!

Praise for Dr. Regina Zona

A full throated endorsement of [Dr. Zona]. A class of her own in talent, wit, wisdom, and inspiration, Regina Zona can develop the musicality of novices to experienced artists and make every note fun.

Marianne C.

Dr. Zona is truly passionate about music, and the energy creates an incredible atmosphere for learning!

Dennis S.

She listens, she knows how communicate what she’s teaching, and her sheer knowledge of music is unbelievable.

Brandon T.

Dr Regina Zona is AMAZING and her passion for music is absolutely inspiring!!! …she has FABULOUS skills on the keys. Always a bonus to have a teacher that can accompany their students on the piano.

Jon O.

What’s Included in Piano Savvy for Singers?

Introducing the F.O.R.M. Method


Section 1: Fundamentals 

Here you’ll find the foundation for everything you need to master playing for yourself or other singers. Besides learning or reviewing the basic building blocks (like scales, triads, and chord progressions), you’ll start developing your coordination and gaining confidence in how you read scores and connect with the piano.

Original Material

Section 2: Original Material 

Think you can’t be a creator at the piano? Yes you can, and you’ll learn to do it quickly and easily. Accompany vocalizes, gain proficiency in playing from a lead sheet and 12-bar blues, and get ready to wow yourself with your ability to coordinate your hands with confidence!


Section 3: Reducing Accompaniments 

You don’t need to play everything on the page – and I’m going to show you how to pick out exactly what you need so you can leave the rest. You’ll learn how to break down and reduce complex accompaniments in a variety of styles, and I’ll also share tips on accompanying with you. You’re going to start feeling like you’re getting the hang of this piano thing…!

Reducing Accompaniments

Section 4: Mastery 

Now you’re ready to start taking charge and finding independence in your playing. (You’re playing!) In Mastery, I’ll show you how to pick up a piece and sight read it, as well as effective practice techniques so you can support yourself and others while singing. You’re going to look forward to feeling good while you’re practicing and learning music!


There’s more! Along with the inspiring, easy-to-follow instructional videos you’ll receive in each Section, you’ll receive the following to support your journey toward becoming Piano Savvy.

Piano Savvy Workbook – No need to write everything down or try to draw pictures on staff paper – your workbook contains all the exercises and musical examples used in the video lessons for the entire course.

Savvy Scales Workbook – You don’t need to buy a piano method book – you’ll have the scales and fingerings for all 12 major and minor keys in one place, without a bunch of other info you don’t need.

Chord Cheat Sheet – This chord chart is a LIFE SAVER while learning. It gives you quick access to chords in all 12 keys of the diatonic scales. The perfect companion to have at the piano while you’re learning new chords!

Vocal-ease – Warm up like a pro with these melody + accompaniment vocalizes written out for you to play!

PRO Tips – Learn even more from the pros. Watch interviews with three master pianists/accompanists who share their secrets to improve your playing specifically for singers.

Musical Motivation You won’t be doing this alone – I’ll send you 8 weeks of personalized, motivating emails that will also contain additional tips for playing and practicing.

Piano Savvy for Singers

To have singer-specific materials made and to take enough private lessons so you can feel confident and competent would cost over $5400. But you won’t pay anything near that for this course. In fact, you’ll only pay a tenth of what it would cost to put all of this together yourself.

You can access the entire Piano Savvy for Singers course, including all of the instructional videos, additional resources, and materials,  when you join the membership for $47 a month.

By gaining immediate access to the course today, you will be giving yourself the gift of freedom

🌟 You’ll no longer have to depend on someone else when it comes to learning music.

🌟 You’ll be able to express yourself in a way you haven’t before when you practice.

🌟 You’ll be paying yourself back over and over again every time you don’t have to hire someone else to play for you!


Take advantage of this for yourself now and start experiencing the ease and confidence you deserve when you’re playing the piano.

This is for you, so let’s get started!

Praise for Piano Savvy for Singers

What I love most about the course was that I could work at my own pace. Regina provided such helpful and informative videos that were easy to follow and accessible at any time. The way that Regina formatted the course made it very easy for a me to complete the course around my rehearsal and performances schedules!

Kathryn K.

I would highly recommend Piano Savvy for Singers for anyone looking for instruction from a master. Her knowledge is amazing and her ability to impart that knowledge is unsurpassed. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

Maureen M.

I love having life-time access and being able to work through the course as my time allows. The amount of knowledge that you share in your programs, and the amazingly accessible way in which you teach it has not only helped me as a student, but in how I break down concepts to my own students.

Luisa L.

Got questions? See if your answer is here.

I'm not sure if I can afford this?

Money is always a consideration when it comes to learning and gaining skills. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine whether this course is affordable for you:

How much could I save if I didn’t have to hire a pianist to…(any of these)

…teach me music
…record my part
…record an accompaniment track
…play for me to practice
…play for my students’ lessons
…teach me piano privately using piano books

How long would it take me to make back my investment if I wasn’t having to pay others?

How much time and energy would I save if I didn’t have to worry about searching for someone to be available to play, manage scheduling, travel to meet them, dealing with cancellations, etc.?

When you answer these questions, you may ask yourself: “Can I afford not to take this and create my own independence?”

Do I need to be able to read music already?

You do not need to be a master music reader but yes, you will need to have a basic knowledge of recognizing the notes in both the treble and bass clefs and an understanding of note values and simple rhythm.

I can already play scales and can "chord-fake." Do I really need this course?

Knowing scales and chords is an excellent foundation and so important. But knowing what to do with those tools to support your piano playing as a singer is the next step. In Piano Savvy for Singers you will learn how to take those foundational tools and:

  • Accompany vocalises effectively
  • Create accompaniments from a lead sheet
  • Analyze a musical score in any style and determine what is most important to play and what can be left out
  • Understand what the best practices are for accompanying a singer
  • Sight-read with speed and efficiency
  • and MORE!

Sometimes taking the skills you already know and adding the pieces that allow you to transform your skills is priceless. If you want to be much farther ahead than where you are, this course can give you those key transformative tools.

I'm really busy - how much time will I have to commit?

You don’t need to spend hours or learn songs and piano pieces to become a better player. What you need are specific skills that will support your singing.

Each lesson is between 20 to 30 minutes long. If you mindfully practice the concepts in the lessons for a few minutes a day, you will achieve the results you desire in no time. But the trick is practicing MINDFULLY with specific goals in mind and being consistent. You can do this, even if you’re busy!

Can't I learn this stuff on YouTube for free?

YouTube can be an amazing resource and you can certainly learn a lot of things from it, including things about playing the piano.

Here’s what you won’t be able to get from watching YouTube videos:

  • Piano instruction created specifically for singers, all in one place
  • Supplemental materials created specifically for singers
  • ME. You are getting my knowledge as an award-winning singer and pianist, my energy, personality, and encouragement as a mentor, and personalized motivation and feedback to help you reach your goals.

I am in touch with every single person who takes this course, because I take your success potential personally.

Will I really be able to accompany my students if I take this course?

Yes, and I want to be clear that you will have to invest in developing your skills. Your technical dexterity and your sight reading skills will need to be developed. I will teach you exactly what you need to know to gain confidence in playing effectively for your students, and you will need to commit to daily – not long, but daily – practicing of the techniques I will teach you.

I've already taken 5-Day Sing & Play. Do I need this course?

5-Day Sing & Play is a great place to start if you’re new to learning chords and playing lead sheet. But it’s just that – a start. There are many more aspects to gaining proficiency, and you’ll find them all in this course. It will be a wonderful next step for you!

You have TWO Options:

Do nothing, and continue to spend more of your money paying others and more of your time and energy trying to figure everything out on your own with systems built for others,


Invest in yourself and get a proven roadmap for learning to play the piano so you can stop paying others and ultimately have the confidence and know-how you need as a singer, teacher, and/or performer.

If you’re ready to do something for yourself that will have a huge impact on your artistry and your bottom line, you’re ready for Piano Savvy for Singers.

The Musicianship Skills You Need to Become Empowered, Gain Confidence and Take Your Singing and/or Voice Teaching to the Next Level

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- Easy to follow -
- All-inclusive -
- Done at your own pace -


- Fun and engaging -




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