Sight Singing Made Simple

Discover the System That Makes Sight Singing EASY and ENJOYABLE!


This is for you if:

😬 The thought of singing music you don’t already know in front of someone or for an audition terrifies you

😩 You struggle to learn music without help

☹️ You miss out on opportunities that would require a strong sight reader

How would you feel if…

…you could pick up a new song you have never seen before and easily sing the melody the first time

…sight singing in front of others, even at an audition, was no big deal

…you could learn music whenever you wanted without having to wait for and pay someone else to teach it to you

…you gained a reputation for being such a superior sight reader that you became known as a go-to singer for last minute replacements

You can do this!

Sight Singing Made Simple gives you all the basic tools to overcome your sight reading struggles and eliminate any fear. 

Sight Singing doesn’t have to be intimidating. Being able to sight sing effectively is a learned skill. With some basic tools, you can become a confident sight singer and crush those fears!

Sight Singing Made Simple Uses a 4-Pillar Process Called

The S.T.E.P. System



Pillar One gives you everything you need to sight sing simple and complex melodies like a PRO!

  • Make pitches and pitch intervals easier to remember by creating a tactile connection using Solfeggio (Solfège) and hand signs.
  • Master the solfège syllables and hand signals in all major and minor keys
  • Gain an understanding of major and minor key signatures and treble and bass clef music reading


Pillar Two focuses on the beat for flawless rhythm!

  • Gain a command of simple and complex rhythms
  • Master the foundation of note values, time signatures, and simple meter and compound meter
  • Discover how to find the correct tempo every time


Pillar Three shows you how to use one of the best strategies for great sight singing – analyze first, then sing!

  • Transform your sight singing approach using targeted analysis techniques so you know what to expect
  • Walk through examples and practice how to quickly establish a “road map” before you sing a note


Pillar Four gives you the practice tools you need to grow into the master sight singer you want to be!

  • Improve consistently by using effective sight singing practice strategies
  • Access HUNDREDS of progressive exercises to help you gain speed and mastery

What’s Included in Sight Singing Made Simple

20 Instructional videos 

-Welcome to Sight Singing Made Simple!
-How to navigate through the course

Beginner Concepts
-Rhythm 101 – Whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes; Simple Meter 4/4 & 3/4
-Solfeggio in Major Keys
-Music Reading 101 – Treble and Bass Clefs
-Rhythm 102 – Eighth and sixteenth notes; Compound Time 6/8 & 9/8

Intermediate Concepts
-Key Signatures in Major Keys
-Singing steps vs. skips
-Rhythm 201 – Sixteenth and dotted eighth notes

Advanced Concepts
-Key Signatures in Minor Keys
-Solfeggio in Minor Keys
-Recognizing chords
-Advanced rhythm – Triplets and Less used time signatures

Finding Success
-Tips for Successful Sight Singing
-Next Steps

5-Day Sing & Play - Learn how to play and sing your favorite songs in just 5 days!

Sight Singing Success Quizzes 

Short quizzes at the end of each module to guage your success

Supplemental Materials

-Illustrated workbook that supports the material introduced in each video lesson
-Simple Sight Singing Success Exercises – a book with 400 progressive exercises that you can practice on your own to become a master sight reader

Got Questions? See If Your Answer Is Here:

Can I learn to sight sing if I don’t read music?

Absolutely! Reading music is not a prerequisite, nor do you need experience playing an instrument. Sight Singing Made Simple includes lessons on basic music reading, so by the end of the course you will not only know how to sight sing, you will know how to read music too!

How long will it take me to become a great sight singer?

That depends on you. Sight singing is a skill that needs to be practiced. And by practicing, I mean CONSISTENT practicing. If you do it a few minutes each day, you could be a pretty effective sight singer in a few weeks. If your practicing is intermittent, it will obviously take longer.

How long will it take to get through the course material?

Time is always a huge factor for everyone. That is why I specifically made each video lesson between 15 and 30 minutes, so you can watch as much or as little at a time as needed. You can also vary your practice time to do as much or little as you wish depending on your schedule.

Do I need any additional equipment or materials?

All you need is access to the internet and any device you use for access, such as a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. Everything else is included and can be downloaded or viewed online.

Look what our students are saying!

Absolutely this course was worth the investment! Each lesson really breaks things down and gives you the tools to achieve your goals. I love that I can go at my own pace and work on my pain points.

Christine F.

Thank you, you just gave me a big light bulb moment. I can’t thank you enough.

Leanne V.

This is absolutey ground-breaking for me! Many thanks for the convincing explanation – now the ball is in my court, “just do it without stopping” 🙂

Piotr G.

This is brilliant advice! As an adult beginner I realise I’ve been reading note by note rather than by recognising patterns. Also I was reluctant to try new sheet music until my usual repertoire was highly practiced. I’ve found it’s so motivating and a lot of fun to explore new scores to practice sight reading and now I’ll do so without hesitation. Thanks so much!

Sulyn L.

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