Audacious Auditioning

Audacious Auditioning

A mini-course for singers that will give you the tools you need to get noticed and get the job.


If you are a SINGER of any genre, you are going to have to know how to ROCK any audition.

Some of the auditions you may have to face include:

Do you want to sing at the Met?

Do you want to perform on Broadway?

Do you want to be the next American Idol?

Do you want to study music in college?

Do you want to sing with a community choir?

Whether you are a professional or pre-professional singer who wants to perform full-time OR you are a high school singer who is planning on becoming a music major in college OR an amateur singer who wants to join a community chorus or get your big break in a national competition, this mini-course is for YOU.

With Audacious Auditioning, you will gain the knowledge and tools that you need in order perform confidently and authentically so that you stand out from the crowd and win the job or position that you desire.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You know that in order to reach your career or personal goals as a singer, you have to audition but you never feel like you are able to present yourself at your best in just a few minutes of singing. Because of that, the thought of auditioning paralyzes you.

What if I told you…

…that auditioning is an opportunity to perform and with the correct preparation and a shift in your mindset, you could walk out of every audition feeling totally confident that you did your absolute best?

That is exactly why I created Audacious Auditioning

If you are a singer who wants to perform in any capacity, especially if you are near the beginning of your career or performing goals, you need to embrace the fact that you are really a professional auditioner. If you want to achieve the success you desire, you must become comfortable with and even excited about auditioning.

In just a few hours….

….you will learn what the people behind the desk really want to see and hear, how to choose the right repertoire, and how to present yourself in the most authentic way so that you get noticed!

In Audacious Auditioning, you will learn…

The differences between auditioning for opera, musical theatre, competitions, choral groups, and more.

How to choose repertoire for your audition that shows you off and makes you stand out.

How to communicate emotion and character clearly even when you only have a few minutes or 16 bars to do it.

How to prepare your music and work with the accompanist so there are no surprises.

…and MORE!

Here is what inside:

Instructional videos 


  • the purpose of auditioning
  • what the people behind the desk really want to see and hear
  • the differences between different kinds of auditions – opera, musical theatre, college admission, choral, and competition


  • how to choose winning repertoire
  • finding the right cut and arrangements
  • preparing your accompanist book


  •  how to make the right first impression
  • how to communicate the story and the character of the piece
  • what to wear
  • communicating with your accompanist
  • how to stand out in recorded auditions


  • how to keep track of your auditions
  • how and when to followup with the company or adjudicators


Audacious Auditioning - Learn the tools you need to slay those auditions


Interviews with THREE Professionals – an opera agent, a musical theatre casting director, and a college professor – with their insights on how to give a successful audition

Supplemental Materials

-Audition Tracker Worksheet – a Google Sheet that you can save and fill out right from your Google Drive
-Repertoire Planner Worksheet – a Google Sheet that you can save and fill out right from your Google Drive
-Practice Planner – a PDF planner that you can fill out online or print out and write in

You’ve got questions!

So are you guaranteeing that I will get the job if I take this course?

Well, no! I am not the one in charge of hiring or admitting you into the program or group you are auditioning for. BUT, I am guaranteeing that if you follow the instruction in this course, you will gain a lot more confidence in your ability to audition effectively and maybe even start to enjoy the process more!

Where can I find auditions?

Depending on what genre you are in, there are lots of resources out there to find auditions. For opera singers, there are resourses like YAP Tracker and Classical Singer Magazine. For musical theatre singers, there is Backstage magazine. If you are looking for competitions or choral groups in your area, a simple Google search can help. And social media is also a great resource for auditions – there are many Facebook groups run by organizations or other singers that share audition notices.

I don't have a large music library. Where do I find music to audition with?

The internet is an amazing resource! Below is just a sampling of sites you can find free or low-cost music:

Do you offer private audition consultations?

Yes I do! I can help you choose repertoire, determine cuts for musical theatre auditions, and coach you on your performance. If you are interested in learning more about a private consultation (online or in person), send me an email at

Look what our students are saying!

I feel more confident in my abilities as a performer and I am sure the information I took from Audacious Auditioning is from someone with legitimate experience, devotion, and understanding of the aspirations her students have. Her advice is very insightful, and it comes from a place of passion. Do not think twice about taking these courses, because they are extremely worth it. 

Krisna R.

Fantastic information and I love how Dr. Zona describes everything you need to know thoroughly as possible. From what to wear, how to act properly with the song character, tips on how to get noticed more. This helped me prepare for my upcoming auditions. I didn’t know a lot of information on auditions before beginning this course. Now, this can help prepare me for the future and have a bit more insight on what to expect. I feel a bit more confident about going into auditions now with all the notes that I have taken after finishing the course. 

Kierra P.

Who is Audacious Auditioning for?

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for Professional and Pre-professional Singers

Opera Singers

Let’s face it. If you are at the beginning of your career, you are auditioning more than you are performing – for young artist programs, companies, agents, and competitions.

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for social media superstars!

Musical Theatre Singers

Just like the opera singers, you are often auditioning more than you are performing – unifieds, summer stock, workshops, casting agents, national tours, and of course Broadway shows.

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for Avid Music Lovers

High School Singers

If you want to major in music in college, you will have to audition for those music programs. But even beyond that, in high school, there is solo competition, musical auditions, solos in your choir groups, and more.

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for Professional and Pre-professional Singers

Competitive Singers

There is no shortage of singing competitions out there. Of course, there are the televised ones like American Idol and the Voice, but there are local and regional competitions for all genres of singers.

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for Professional and Pre-professional Singers

Choral Singers

Whether you are an amateur or professional, choral opportunities are abundant from large symphony choruses to church choirs.

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