Chord Power Up

Chord Power Up!

Augment your piano playing by jazzing up your chords and sound like a PRO!

 This is the PERFECT companion course to 5-Day Sing & Play!

What if you make your accompaniments sound rich and complex in no time at all?

With Chord Power Up!, you will learn how to construct complex seventh chords, proper voicings, the most popular chord progressions in popular music and more in a weekend!

You know how to read a lead sheet and play basic chords….

You can sing along while you play basic accompaniments. Great!

But it’s time to bump your accompaniments to the next level.

The chord symbols on a lead sheet give you the framework for the harmonic structure of the song but by just adding one or two notes to those chords, your accompaniments can sound richer and fuller. You can sound like a PRO in no time!

That is exactly why I created Chord Power Up!

In just THREE Days – that’s like a WEEKEND – you can take your playing to a new level!

In THREE Video Lessons, you will learn…

How to construct complex chords like sevenths, ninths, and sus chords to fill out the harmonies

What the most used chord progressions in popular music are and how to voice them so you can play hundreds of songs

How to read the bass clef and create bass lines that add interest to your accompaniments

…and MORE!

Here is what is inside

3 Instructional videos 

-Learning the most popular shord progressions (including I – V – vi – IV) in popular music

-Reading the bass clef
-Learning how to add interest with different left hand patterns


-Understanding seventh chords
-Embellishing seventh chords with 9ths, 11ths, 13th, and sus tones


-Value Voicings – understanding the importance of inversions/voicings and how to use them to your advantage

Supplemental Materials

-Workbook with graphics to help your understanding of the concepts
-Lyric/chord sheets of popular songs you will be working on
-Lead sheets of popular songs you will be working on
-A resource list of where you can find your favorite music online – FREE and paid

Who is Chord Power Up! for?

The Professional Singer/Performer

You are a working singer. You’ve got tons of music to learn. You don’t have the money to spend on pianists to make rehearsal recordings. You need to learn your music on your own.

The Social Media Star

You’ve set your sights on the bright lights – of social media! You want to entertain your many followers with a song, or a set, or an entire livestream. You don’t have the room in your apartment to hire a band. You need to be your own one-person band!

The Nostalgic Music Lover

You sing along with the radio but you’ve always wanted to sing your favorite hits in your living room and make it your own. You long to be your very own karaoke machine and impress your friends while you sing and tickle the ivories.

Are you ready to get started??? This is how it works.

Step One

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Step Two

Check your email for a confirmation and then sign in to the Student Dashboard in your favorite web browser.

Step Three

Find Chord Power Up! in your courses and start playing!

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