How to Effectively Communicate a Character

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When you are auditioning, you have a very limited amount of time to make an impression.

In 10 minutes or 16 bars (!), you have to:

  • Show who you are
  • Show that you can sing
  • Show that you can communicate a character

In this excerpt from Audacious Auditioning, I give you some tips on how to effectively communicate a character in an audition situation.

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Here’s what’s inside:

Instructional videos


  • the purpose of auditioning
  • what the people behind the desk really want to see and hear
  • the differences between different kinds of auditions – opera, musical theatre, college admission, choral, and competition


  • how to choose winning repertoire
  • finding the right cut and arrangements
  • preparing your accompanist book


  • how to make the right first impression
  • how to communicate the story and the character of the piece
  • what to wear
  • communicating with your accompanist
  • how to stand out in recorded auditions


  • how to keep track of your auditions
  • how and when to followup with the company or adjudicators

Interviews with THREE Professionals – an opera agent, a musical theatre casting director, and a college professor – with their insights on how to give a successful audition

Supplemental Materials
-Audition Tracker Worksheet – a Google Sheet that you can save and fill out right from your Google Drive
-Repertoire Planner Worksheet – a Google Sheet that you can save and fill out right from your Google Drive
-Practice Planner – a PDF planner that you can fill out online or print out and write in

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