How to Quickly Learn Every Major Scale

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You know what’s SEXY?


OK, maybe not George Clooney sexy. 

I am going to say something controversial here.

If you are a singer, you MUST have piano skills.

(I guess that’s not so controversial.)

And if you want to develop those piano skills, you MUST play scales.


If you don’t know where to start, watch the video below. In minutes, you will learn how to play every major scale.

Piano Savvy for Singers is one of the 9 courses you can have immediate access to in the Singer Savvy Academy Membership!

Inside Piano Savvy for Singers, you will gain the specific skills that singers need to take their musicianship to the next level – in 30 days or less.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the program:

Section 1: Fundamentals

In this series of videos we will cover the technique of playing and reading. You will learn and understand the importance of major and minor scales, triads, inversions, and seventh chords, key signatures, popular chord progressions, and developing coordination between the hands.

Section 1 lays the foundation for everything you need to master at the piano.

Section 2: Original Material

In this series of videos, we will cover how to create new material when you have been given very little guidance like accompanying vocalizes, playing from a lead sheet, playing a 12-bar blues, and figuring out what to do with your left hand.

Section 2 provides the back bone to creating something from nothing on the piano that will serve you at all levels of playing.

Section 3: Reducing Accompaniments

In this series of videos, we will cover how to reduce complex accompaniments to a simpler more manageable style. You will learn how to analyze a vocal score, simplify accompaniments in various styles like classical, musical theatre, pop, and jazz. I will also give you tips on accompanying singers.

Section 3 gives you the tools to break down accompaniments so you can play them well enough to sound like you know what you are doing.

Section 4: Mastery

In these final videos, we will cover how to develop the skills you need to find independence in your playing. We cover the importance and technique of sight reading as well as effective practicing techniques.

Section 4 takes what you have learned in the previous three sections and helps you develop the efficiency and ease you need in your playing.

And that’s just the course! Beyond all that, you also get some amazing bonuses when you join Piano Savvy for Singers.

Piano Savvy Workbook – A workbook that you can print out or use on your computer with all the exercises and musical examples used in the video lessons

Savvy Scales Workbook – Scales and fingerings for all 12 major and minor keys

Chord Cheat Sheet – Chord chart in all 12 keys of the diatonic scales

Vocal-ease – Vocalises and accompaniments written out

PRO Tips – Three video interviews with master pianists/accompaniments with tips to improve your playing

Musical Motivation – 8 weeks of personalized emails with motivation and additional tips

Singer Savvy Academy’s Online Courses Are:

– Easy to follow –
– All-inclusive –
– Done at your own pace –


– Fun and engaging –




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