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Confidence comes from more than great singing.

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Music Fundamentals

This is your foundation – theory and music reading skills will skyrocket your musicianship to a new level!

Piano Skills

You don’t need to know how to play Beethoven sonatas, but you do need to know how to accompany yourself, play chords, and learn music at the keyboard.


An essential tool for all singers – being able to pick up a piece of music you’ve never seen before and sing it on sight!

Audition Techniques

Auditioning is an art form in itself. You need to know the techniques that will help you gain confidence and get you noticed so you can get hired!

and MORE....

This is just the beginning. Check out all of our courses to see everything currently being offered!

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Who is Singer Savvy Academy For?

Professional Singers

You’ve got the voice! But…

  • Your lack of musicianship skills make learning music slow and tedious
  • You hesitate to audition or lose out on gigs that would require sight reading or learning music quickly
  • You could step in to sing something last minute – but only if you already know the music
  • It’s costing you $$$ to have a pianist or coach help you learn your music

Aspiring Professional Singers

You’re on track to be on stage or become a recording artist! But…

  • Your lack of musicianship skills are keeping you from tapping into a deeper, more authentic level of artistry
  • You can only sing a cappella or along with tracks/others because you haven’t learned how to read music or play for yourself
  • You don’t know how to sight sing or learn music efficiently, and you know you’re going to need those skills to compete with the pros

Voice Teachers

You know the voice! But…

  • You don’t play piano well enough (or at all) to really support your students’ learning
  • Your own lack of musicianship contributes to a lack of confidence when it comes to teaching
  • You crave ways to help your students with musicianship and you need new ideas to support your pedagogy

Avocational Singers

You love singing! But…

  • You don’t feel like you understand the language of music as well as you would like to
  • You’d love to be able to sing and play the piano for your own enjoyment or for friends and family
  • You’d love to have a stronger set of musicianship skills to support the singing you do in a church choir, community choir, or local show

The Savvy Singer Success Formula

Start on your most immediate goals and then move through each area to fully transform into the singer or teacher you know you can be!

Begin Your Music & Performing Transformation in 3 Easy Steps:

STEP 1: Become a Member

Once you join Singer Savvy Academy, you will have instant access to everything inside.

STEP 2: Take the Assessment and Choose Your First Course

The SAVVY SINGER ASSESSMENT is a short quiz that will point to you to the perfect path to start focusing on your immediate goals.  But if you know exactly where you want to begin, you can jump right into that course.

STEP 3: Start Your Transformation

You can engage with each lesson at your own pace, from anywhere at any time. Once you’ve completed a course, you can return to the library and continue your journey toward success.

Everything You Need to Build Your Skills and Confidence, All In One Place!


Meet your mentor

Hello, let me introduce myself!

I’m Dr. Regina Zona, an award-winning professional singer and recording artist who turned in her concert pianist dreams for the theatrical stage.

I’m a wife and a mommy to three adorable puppies named Max, Chester, and Jack (he’s the cutie in the picture!). I drink way too much coffee, and I’m obsessed with Bob Fosse. I frequently break out in musical theatre song lyrics…and I *love* teaching.

As a voice and piano teacher, dramatic coach, and stage director, helping singers to gain the confidence that I had because of my instrumental background and musicianship is one of my biggest passions. All too often I see singers and voice teachers with incredible talent struggle and become frustrated by a lack of musicianship.

Gaining these skills should be enjoyable and fun, and if that sounds like something you need, check out what is offered here. I would love the opportunity to help you become empowered, gain confidence, and enjoy your singing and/or teaching even more!

Learn more about Regina

AND Singer Savvy Academy is proud to donate a portion of EVERY course sale to a wonderful organization – Shih Tzus & Furbabies Rescue. They  brought Jack and Chester into our lives and we will be forever grateful!


Read what they have to say

Dr. Zona’s ability to take a ton of information and break it down for you is truly unmatched. Getting to watch her hands as she plays and the notes above the keyboard as she walks you through the different pieces helps immensely.

Christine F.

Fantastic information and I love how Dr. Zona describes everything you need to know thoroughly as possible. From what to wear, how to act properly with the song character, tips on how to get noticed more. This helped me prepare for my upcoming auditions. I didn’t know a lot of information on auditions before beginning this course. Now, this can help prepare me for the future and have a bit more insight on what to expect. I feel a bit more confident about going into auditions now with all the notes that I have taken after finishing the course.

Kierra P.

I love having life-time access and being able to work through the course as my time allows. The amount of knowledge that you share in your programs, and the amazingly accessible way in which you teach it has not only helped me as a student, but in how I break down concepts to my own students.

Luisa L.

What I love most about the course was that I could work at my own pace. Regina provided such helpful and informative videos that were easy to follow and accessible at any time. The way that Regina formatted the course made it very easy for a me to complete the course around my rehearsal and performances schedules!

Kathryn K.

I feel more confident in my abilities as a performer and I am sure the information I took from Audacious Auditioning is from someone with legitimate experience, devotion, and understanding of the aspirations her students have. Her advice is very insightful, and it comes from a place of passion. Do not think twice about taking these courses, because they are extremely worth it.

Krisna R.

This class is one of the most comprehensive courses I’ve ever taken. Regina Zona has created a truly brilliant course that covers all that you would need to know when going to prepare for a role in either opera or musical theatre. Whether discussing character building, working on a language, or even the practice process she lays it out succinctly and honestly. She even has created for the student a character building template that can be downloaded and printed out for your character preparation. Whether you’re an old pro or just starting out, this course has something for everyone!

Brandon M.

This is brilliant advice! As an adult beginner I realise I’ve been reading note by note rather than by recognising patterns. Also I was reluctant to try new sheet music until my usual repertoire was highly practiced. I’ve found it’s so motivating and a lot of fun to explore new scores to practice sight reading and now I’ll do so without hesitation. Thanks so much!

Sulyn L.

I would highly recommend Piano Savvy for Singers for anyone looking for instruction from a master. Her knowledge is amazing and her ability to impart that knowledge is unsurpassed. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

Maureen M.

This is absolutey ground-breaking for me! Many thanks for the convincing explanation – now the ball is in my court, “just do it without stopping” 🙂

Piotr G.

The course is a refreshing way to make study applicable to real life sight singing… especially the rhythmic portion.

Gary B.

Dr. Regina is an inspiration! She is truly passionate about music, and the energy creates an incredible atmosphere for learning! She challenged me as a performer and helped me learn to breathe life into the music–while also transforming my voice. She is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Dennis S.

106+ Video Lessons

29+ Hours of Video

396+ Workbook Pages

455+ Quizzes & Exercises

150+ Additional Tips & Resources Per Year

What’s Included in the Singer Savvy Academy Membership

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Onboarding Success Formula

Need help getting started? Take our Savvy Singer Assessment and get a customized roadmap according to what you need most.


Video Course Library

Gain immediate access to an extensive library of HD-quality video lessons, viewable on any device so you can take your practice anywhere!


Extensive Supplemental Materials

Where applicable, supplemental workbooks are provided complete with graphics and examples to follow along in your lessons.


Quizzes & Exercises

Fun, interactive quizzes help you test your knowledge, and you’ll enjoy access to hundreds of exercises to continue developing your new skills.

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Monthly Challenges

Each month there’s a new fun challenge that corresponds to one of the courses. You can join in and share your progress with other members!

Monthly Q & As

Get expert advice as you go – each month Regina will personally answer your submitted questions in a livestream!


Members Only Resources

Receive exclusive tips, tools, interviews with guest experts, and more to help you stay inspired and motivated.


Fast Student Support

If you’ve got a technical question or need support with a course, you can use the chat feature and receive a response, typically within a couple of hours.

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Community of Singers

Create a profile, share a little about yourself, and engage with other wonderful singers like you who are also on a mission to build their confidence and skills!

Do you have questions? See if your answer is here.

What courses are included the Singer Savvy Membership?

All of them! There are currently 9 courses available, and you can check out all the courses here.

Does the membership give me access to all your courses?

You will have access to all current membership courses and any new courses added to the membership. Members get exclusive early access and big discounts on any courses not included in the membership.

Can I watch the videos on any device?

Yes! All the videos are accessible on whatever device you like to use – desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone in the browser of your choice.

Can I download the workbooks?

Yes! All the workbooks and supplemental materials are downloadable PDFs so you can print them out and use them while you are watching the videos.

How long do I have access to the courses?

You will have unlimited access to all the courses, supplemental materials, the community, and all the other bonuses as long as you are a paying member.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. We would hate to see you go! But certainly, if you need to cancel, you can do so quickly and easily from your Account dashboard.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature and unlimited access to this product, there are no refunds. If you decide to cancel your membership in the middle of a billing period, you will have access to all the courses until that period closes.

Do you offer a free trial?

A free trial is not available. Singer Savvy Academy is already being offered at an incredible price, and you are certainly worth the investment! If you are concerned about whether the membership is a good match for you, please feel free to send us a message in the chat so we can answer any questions you might have.

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