The 3 Must-Have Piano Skills You Need to Accelerate Your Singing/Teaching Success

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Dr. Regina Zona, Master Teacher/Creator of Singer Savvy Academy

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👉…be able to accompany yourself or others
👉…stop paying others to help you learn your music
👉…stop paying for piano lessons that are not created for singers
👉…have an easily-attainable set of skills you can apply to ANY genre

Get Action Steps you can start using TODAY and gain the confidence at the piano you need to save you time and money while supporting your singing and/or voice teaching.


Dr. Regina Zona is an Award-Winning Singer, Master Teacher of Voice, and Accompanist who has cracked the “piano code” for singers by showing them how to gain piano skills specifically designed for singers’ needs.

She is the owner/creator of Singer Savvy Academy by the Zona Studio LLC, an online skill-buildIng platform that seeks to transform singers into confident musicians, performers, and artists. Singer Savvy Academy offers courses in piano skills, musicianship/theory, sight-singing, practice techniques, audition techniques, entrepreneurship, and more.