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What if you could pick up any song you wanted to sing and instantly accompany yourself even if you have never played the piano before and don’t read music?

5-Day Sing & Play - Learn how to play and sing your favorite songs in just 5 days!

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Whether you are a professional or pre-professional singer who wants to play the piano for themselves as you are preparing for an upcoming show OR you are a music lover who loves to sing and wants to sing and play for yourself or your friends and family, this mini-course is for YOU.

With 5-Day Sing & Play, you will learn how to read a lead sheet, construct chords and accompaniments, and accompany yourself singing any song you want to sing (even if you’ve never played a note on the piano or don’t read music) in only 5 days!


5 Videos covering an introduction to the keyboard, reading the treble clef, understanding how to construct chords and chord symbols, key signatures, rhythms, and more!


A bonus video on how to practice effectively


Supplemental materials to help you go through the course including a workbook with all examples and lead sheets we use in the course, a resource list as to where you can find your favorite songs (free and paid), and a printable practice journal to help you track your progress

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