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What if you never struggled again to find the motivation to “warm-up” your voice because you didn’t know where to start?

Grab Voracious Vocalizing today!


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Whether you are a voice student who is looking for a systematic method to achieving more stamina in your singing or you are a professional or pre-professional singer who is looking for the tools to help maintain your vocal health when you are performing, this mini-course is for YOU.

With Voracious Vocalizing, you will never struggle with the motivation to vocalize again. You will learn how to create a personalized daily-action plan to get your voice moving and working the way you need it to….in minutes – not hours.


9 Videos covering what vocalizing is, how to develop your own vocalises, addressing particular pedagogical issues, and more…


Interviews with three Master teachers with their tips on how to implement an efficient vocalizing routine…


A workbook with all the vocalises that will be introduced in the course and a journal where you can make notes of your favorite exercises, create your own, and track your progress


The Vocalise Travel Companion – an audio file that you can take with you anywhere of piano accompaniments of a 10 minute quick and easy vocalise session

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