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It’s time to stop struggling at the piano and start learning the skills every singer needs.

Piano Savvy for Singers
Piano Savvy for Singers

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Inside Piano Savvy for Singers, you will gain the specific skills that singers need to take your musicianship to the next level – in 30 days or less.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You want to improve your piano skills (or gain any piano skills at all).

You need to be able to play for yourself or for your students.

You have spent too much money paying other pianists to teach you music or make rehearsal tapes or play for your students.

You’ve over trying to learn piano skills by watching online videos by people who teach everything about playing except what you as a singer needs.

You’re tired of feeling like you will never be able to play the piano effectively.

You wish there was a way to learn only the specific skills that you need as a singer.

Good News!

I help my students with those same problems every single day.

And inside Piano Savvy for Singers, you can finally stop struggling with those same problems.


There was a way to learn the skills on the piano that you, specifically as a singer, needed in a relatively short amount of time…

You could finally feel confident when you have to learn music quickly.

You could accompany yourself and others and not ever have to pay another pianist to do it for you.

You could actually have the freedom to think about your singing rather than your struggles at the piano.

All of that is possible inside

Piano Savvy for Singers

Piano Savvy for Singers

Who is this right for?

Professional/Pre-Professional Singers

Professional Singer

If you have new music to learn for a show and you have to hire a pianist to create a rehearsal track for you…or you have a hard time getting motivated to practice because you hate singing accapella…or you want to be able to converse intelligently about what you need in a chart with your collaborative musicians…then you need Piano Savvy for Singers. You will gain the skills that will give you the confidence and musical independence so that you can focus on what you do best…SING.

Voice Teachers

Voice Teacher

If you struggle with your piano skills when you are trying to accompany your students or you are spending too much money on accompanists to play for your students, Piano Savvy for Singers is exactly what you need. You will gain the skills that will support your teaching so that you can focus on what your students need without spending so much money to do so.

Voice Students

Voice Student

If you are taking voice lessons, you are spending lots of money trying to improve your singing. But how much time and energy do you spend learning your music and practicing efficiently? Your voice teacher doesn’t have the time to teach you your music. And if he/she does teach you your music, you are not taking full advantage of what they have to offer as voice teachers. If you had the piano skills to learn your music on your own, you would gain so much more in your voice lessons and Piano Savvy for Singers will give you those skills.

Basically this if for you if…

You want to be able to play the piano for yourself or for your students.

You’ve watched some online videos and bought some piano method books but don’t know how to apply these things to the specific skills you need.

You know how to read music but you’re overwhelmed by the technique required to actually play vocal repertoire.

You can play scales and “chord-fake” but you’re overwhelmed by actually playing accompaniments with any level of mastery.

You want an easy, straightforward system to learn how to play the piano in a way that will support your singing or the singing of your students in 30 days or less.

On the flip side…

This is not for you if…

You are looking for a quick fix.

You prefer watching free online videos rather than get real, actionable strategies from experts.

You are ok with paying other pianists hundreds or thousands of dollars to play for you or your students.

You are satisfied with your level of skill at the piano.

Praise for Piano Skills for Singers

Dr. Zona’s ability to take a ton of information and break it down for you is truly unmatched. Getting to watch her hands as she plays and the notes above the keyboard as she walks you through the different pieces helps immensely.

Christine F.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone looking for instruction from a master. Her knowledge is amazing and her ability to impart that knowledge is unsurpassed. Her enthusiasm is infectious!

Maureen M.

Why I created this:

There are so many singers out there – extremely talented singers – and I have worked with several of them – who don’t have the musical foundation that I was lucky enough to have. They have to pay people to teach them their roles or their songs because they don’t have the skills to do it on their own.

This is why I created Piano Savvy for Singers. I wanted package up all the skills that would help all singers gain the confidence with their musicianship that I had. I don’t want to make singers into concert pianists. I want to guide them to make themselves into the best singers and musicians that they can be.

And I believe that every singer has the ability to reach their highest goal for themselves…if they are prepared.

What is Inside Piano Savvy for Singers?

Section 1: Fundamentals ($1000 value)

In this series of videos we will cover the technique of playing and reading. You will learn and understand the importance of major and minor scales, triads, inversions, and seventh chords, key signatures, popular chord progressions, and developing coordination between the hands.

Section 1 lays the foundation for everything you need to master at the piano.

Original Material

Section 2: Original Material ($800 value)

In this series of videos, we will cover how to create new material when you have been given very little guidance like accompanying vocalizes, playing from a lead sheet, playing a 12-bar blues, and figuring out what to do with your left hand.

Section 2 provides the back bone to creating something from nothing on the piano that will serve you at all levels of playing.

Section 3: Reducing Accompaniments ($800 value)

In this series of videos, we will cover how to reduce complex accompaniments to a simpler more manageable style. You will learn how to analyze a vocal score, simplify accompaniments in various styles like classical, musical theatre, pop, and jazz, and break down choral scores. I will also give you tips on accompanying singers.

Section 3 gives you the tools to break down accompaniments so you can play them well enough to sound like you know what you are doing.

Reducing Accompaniments

Section 4: Mastery ($600 value)

In these final videos, we will cover how to develop the skills you need to find independence in your playing. We cover the importance and technique of sight reading as well as effective practicing techniques.

Section 4 takes what you have learned in the previous three sections and helps you develop the efficiency and ease you need in your playing.

There’s MORE! You’ll also get….

Piano Savvy Workbook ($400 value) – A workbook that you can print out or use on your computer with all the exercises and musical examples used in the video lessons

Savvy Scales Workbook ($150 value) – Scales and fingerings for all 12 major and minor keys

Chord Cheat Sheet ($150 value) – Chord chart in all 12 keys of the diatonic scales

Vocal-ease ($250 value) – Vocalizes and accompaniments written out

PRO Tips ($900 value) – Three video interviews with master pianists/accompaniments with tips to improve your playing

Musical Motivation ($400 value) – 8 weeks of personalized emails with motivation and additional tips

This course has a total value of $5450!

But you can order it today for only $328.20!

That’s 40% off the regular price!

Piano Savvy for Singers

You’ve got questions! I’ve got answers!

$547 is a lot of money. I can't afford it.

I totally understand. It is definitely a big ticket item.

But my answer to you is: you can’t afford NOT to get it.

Think about it.

How much $$ have you spent paying other people in the past year for piano services? For example:

  • As a professional or pre-professional singer, you may have had to hire a pianist to record accompaniments or create practice recordings for music you needed to prepare.
  • As a voice teacher, you may have had to hire pianists to accompany your students
  • As an amateur, you have been paying a private piano teacher every week to learn how to play (don’t get me wrong! Private instruction is GREAT and I’m sure you teacher is FABULOUS, but that is a big expense!)

If you learned how to play effectively, you could save so much money on hiring out your musical needs.

I can already play scales and can "chord-fake." Do I really need this course?

Knowing scales and chords is an excellent foundation and so important. But knowing what to do with those tools to support your piano playing as a singer is the next step. In Piano Savvy for Singers you will learn how to take those foundational tools and:

  • Accompany vocalises effectively -Create accompaniments from a lead sheet
  • Analyze a musical score in any style and determine what is most important to play and what can be left out
  • Understand what the best practices are for accompanying a singer
  • Sight-read with speed and efficiency
  • and MORE!

I don't have the time to spend hours practicing the piano and learning songs. What is the time commitment?

You don’t need to spend hours at the piano to learn how to play effectively. And you don’t need to learn songs and piano pieces to become a better player. What you need are specific skills that will support your singing. And it doesn’t take hours a day of practice in order to gain those skills.

Each lesson in Piano Savvy for Singers is between 20 to 30 minutes long. If you mindfully practice the concepts in those lessons for a few minutes a day, you will achieve the results you desire in no time. But the trick is practicing MINDFULLY with specific goals in mind.

Can't I learn this stuff on YouTube for free?

YouTube is an amazing resource and yes, you might find some of these things there for free.


What you are NOT getting on YouTube is:

  • All the training in one place SPECIFICALLY made for SINGERS. You get the instruction that will address your specific needs.
  • A Workbook to accompany your lessons that supplement your learning. -Chord Charts created specifically for you.
  • Vocalise accompaniments written out for you.
  • Personalized weekly motivation to keep you on track.
  • PRO Tips from three master pianists/accompanists on how to improve your playing
  • THREE personalized video lessons by ME where I answer your questions and give you advice and motivation to help you reach your goals

AND, maybe the most important thing….

You are getting ME!

Not to brag, but I am an award-winning singer and I have been teaching for over 34 years. And I know the specific skills a singer needs.

I’m a voice teacher. Will I really be able to accompany my students if I take this course?

  • Your dexterity in the technique (being able to play scales and recognize and play chords without having to think about it) will need to be developed
  • Your ability to sight read needs to be developed (which means you need to do it everyday). Every day, pick up a new song that you have assigned your students, and sight read it!

In Piano Skills for Singers, I will teach you how to access that technique and how to practice so that you will gain that confidence to effectively play for your students

I already know how to play chords and a lead sheet because I am taking 5-Day Sing & Play. Do I really need this course?

You have indeed learned A LOT in 5-Day Sing & Play. And that is invaluable knowledge!

But there is SO MUCH MORE to gaining the proficiency that you need. Playing chords is just one aspect.

Piano Savvy for Singers gives you everything you need.

7 Day Money-back Guarantee

If you don’t feel that Piano Savvy for Singers truly helps you and gives you the skills you need to level up your piano skills, please send me an email with an explanation as to what you expected versus what you needed, and we will issue a full refund.

After those 7 days, you are stuck with us! (Though I think you’ll see that’s a very good thing!)

Dr. Regina Zona, Master Teacher/Creator of Singer Savvy Academy

If you’ve made it this far…

You have two options:

Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own…

Or, finally have a proven roadmap for learning to play the piano so you can finally have the confidence you need as a singer, teacher, or performer.

Imagine where you could be one month from now…

You’re ready to learn the specific piano skills that you need as a singer.

You’re ready to stop paying other pianists to play what you could easily play if you had those skills.

You’re ready to start feeling confident about your musicianship skills.

You’re ready for a way to learn those piano skills easily without frustration and thousands of dollars spent on teachers who want to teach you something you don’t need.

You’re ready to do something for yourself and your career that will have a huge impact on your artistry and bottom line.

You’re ready for Piano Savvy for Singers.

Piano Savvy for Singers

A total value of $5450

for only $547!

Just for YOU TODAY – $328.20

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