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Your Savvy Singer Success Formula is the:

Educated Enthusiast

You are the best kind of HOBBYIST!

You have a long list of things you’ve always wanted to do and you are checking them off one by one.

You have always loved to sing and frequently burst into song when your favorite tune comes on the radio.

You did take a music class or two in school but never pursued it and now is the time to get back into it.

You’ve got some discretionary dough and some free time to actually put toward that life-long dream of singing and playing your favorite songs – for yourself and maybe even friends.

Now’s the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do and you sing at the top of your lungs:

“I’m not throwin’ away my SHOT!”


(no politicians necessary! wink)

That being said….

You would love to take voice and piano lessons but you don’t want any pressure or timelines.

You don’t need to be an expert and don’t want to be in any kind of strict curriculum.

You don’t need to perform in recitals (you don’t necessarily want to perform at all) and want to play and sing the music that you love.

Music for you is cathartic and FUN and that’s how you want it to remain!

Sound familiar?

Music is nourishment, and a comforting elixir. Music multiplies the beauty of life and all its values.

– Zoltan Kodaly –

Hi! Let me introduce myself!

I’m Dr. Regina Zona, a master teacher of voice, piano, and dramatic interpretation and owner of Singer Savvy Academy by the Zona Studio LLC.

To get the bragging out of the way….I am a former award-winning opera singer, a current award-winning cabaret singer, and a recording artist with 2 albums (with 1 more on the way), one of which is on the Naxos American Classics Label.

I started to play piano at the age of 8 and for the longest time, I had dreams of becoming a concert pianist. But when I was a junior in high school, I was cast as Maria in West Side Story and that was it! The stage got me – hook, line, and sinker! And ever since, I have been blessed to sing on opera and concert stages around the world and in some of the most prestigious clubs in New York City.

But most importantly, I am a wife, a mommy to three adorable puppies, (Max, Jack (he’s the cutie in the picture) and Chester), and I drink way too much coffee. The truth is that I don’t think I actually like the taste of coffee all that much, but I love sitting in a Starbucks on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, sipping my latte and watching the ever-fascinating New York City crowds. I am also obsessed with Bob Fosse, and I frequently break out in musical theatre song lyrics!

Oh yeah! And I teach too!

I have been teaching voice and piano for over three decades, in a thriving private studio as well as in tenure-track positions at several universities around the country. I am also an in-demand dramatic coach for singers in opera and musical theatre and a stage director.


At Singer Savvy Academy, I serve singers and voice teachers who want to master the musicianship skills that support their singing and the singing of their students. Basically offering “everything but the voice lessons,” there are courses in piano skillssight-singingmusic theoryrole preparationaudition techniques, and more geared toward transforming singers into well-rounded musicians, performers, and artists.

So what is the Educated Enthusiast’s Success Formula?

Music is not just something enjoyable to listen to – it is proven to be effective therapy.

Most of us enjoy listening to music, actively and passively. It has been scientifically proven that listening to music can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and relieve pain.

Singing in particular improves lung function, improves memory, and stimulates the immune response.

In one study from Johns Hopkins University, one otolaryngolist stated, “Music is structural, mathematical and architectural. It’s based on relationships between one note and the next. You may not be aware of it, but your brain has to do a lot of computing to make sense of it.”

Learning to play the piano as an adult can change negative effects of the aging process.

Playing the piano improves coordination and fine motor skills and improves memory. In fact, research has shown that piano lessons for older adults have a significant impact on increased levels of Human Growth Hormone, which slows the adverse effects of aging.

So…one of the best activities an Educated Enthusiast can do to improve their health and overall well-being is to sing and learn how to play the piano.


The pillars of music and learning the piano that hold up the Educated Enthusiast can be found in:

?The C.L.A.P. Method?


Chords are the harmonic foundation for the music. Every melody is supported by the chord progression. And many of the world’s most famous songs are based on only three chords! Learning chords and voicings create the basis for truly understanding how to make music.

Lead Sheet

Next you need to know how to read a lead sheet. A lead sheet is where you see the melody and lyrics of a song with chord symbols only. All the information you need is there to make the music.


The next step is to know how to take the information on the lead sheet and create an accompaniment to support the melody. Accompaniments don’t need to be complicated but they often determine the mood of the song.


Finally you gain the independence in your playing, coordination between the hands, and dexterity by learning proper practice techniques.

Imagine if…

You, as an Educated Enthusiast, could download a lead sheet of any song from the internet and sit down and play it as if you had been playing it for years.

You, as an Educated Enthusiast, could learn the notes of a song you had never heard before within minutes.

You, as an Educated Enthusiast could learn to accompany yourself singing your favorite songs for your own enjoyment, and maybe even to impress your friends.

?”Everybody Rejoice!!”?

(no Wicked Witches died in the making of this scenario!)

Are you excited? Here is the next step!

Enroll in My Mini-Course

“5-Day Sing & Play”

If you are ready to fulfill that like-long dream of being able to play and sing your favorite songs, then you need to take this course.

IN ONLY FIVE DAYS, you will learn everything in the C.L.A.P. Method through a series of video lessons

➡️ How to construct basic and complex chords, both in root positions and inversions
➡️ How to read a lead sheet and the basics of music reading in the treble clef
➡️ How to create simple accompaniments that are appropriate for the style of music you are playing and singing that don’t sound simple at all
➡️ How to practice mindfully and effectively so you see results fast

You’ll also have access to a plethora of supplemental materials to help you on your course journey including:

➡️ Workbook with graphics to help your understanding of the concepts
➡️ Lyric/chord sheets of popular songs you will be working on
➡️ Lead sheets of popular songs you will be working on
➡️ A resource list of where you can find your favorite music online – FREE and paid
➡️ A practice session workbook

This course has an $891 value but will only cost you



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