Robust Role Preparation

A mini-course that teaches you exactly what you need to do to learn a new role so you go to your first rehearsal completely prepared.


You got the job!! Congratulations!

NOW it’s time to get to WORK

You’ve been cast in the role of your dreams. Rehearsals are coming up and you need to get that role learned before the first rehearsal. You’ve bought the score and read the synopsis of the story. NOW WHAT?

In Robust Role Preparation, you will have the tools you need to learn a role from scratch – from the music and the text, to the character analysis and dramatic arc of the story, to the memorization and vocal stamina needed to sing the role.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You are excited about being cast is a great role but completely overwhelmed at the thought of learning the entire role by yourself.

What if I told you…

…that with a detailed practice plan along with the specific questions to ask yourself about the character and their place in the fabric of the story, learning a role from scratch can be easy and fun! 

That is exactly why I created Robust Role Preparation

While learning a new role can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be! But being prepared for the first rehearsal requires more from you than just learning the notes and words and having an idea about the story.

In just a few hours….

….you will learn how to research your character’s background and emotional journey, learn the music and text efficiently so memorization is easy, and create a practice plan that keeps you organized and on track to be ready for that first rehearsal.

In Robust Role Preparation, you will learn…

Why complete role preparation is important BEFORE you go to your first rehearsal

How to research the work's origins and the role itself

How to do a complete character analysis

How to prepare your score and create a practice plan

…and MORE!

Right now…

…you are completely overwhelmed at learning a new role that you have no familiarity with.

…you know how to learn the music on your own but don’t know where to start when it comes to finguring out who this character is.

…you know that you have to be memorized before the first rehearsal, but that is only 3 weeks away!

Imagine if…

…you knew exactly how to discover what makes your character tick and how you can breathe life into the role.

…you feel confident about learning your role from scratch in a short period of time because you have a specific action plan to do so.

…you enter that first rehearsal with the role in your voice and your body with very clear ideas about who your character is which allows you to be open to direction and collaboration.

Robust Role Preparation was $257


I am Dr. Regina Zona and I am an Award-Winning Singer, Master Teacher of Voice, and Professional Accompanist. I became an internationally recognized Opera Singer in my 20s, a Classical Recording Artist with an international record label in my 30s, and an award-winning Cabaret Singer…let’s say, later.

I have been teaching voice and piano for over three decades in a thriving private studio as well as in several universities around the country. I am also an in-demand dramatic coach for singers in opera and musical theatre and a stage director.

In my over three decades as a performer, I had to frequently learn new roles – sometimes in a very short period of time.

As the Artistic Director and stage director of operas and musicals, I always required my singers to come to their first rehearsal completely off book with very strong opinions on who their character is and what their character wants.

The reasons I required them to be off book in the first rehearsal and understand their character is:

  • In rehearsals, I didn’t have time to teach them the music
  • When a singer is off book, they can pay attention to what they are doing on stage and truly interact with the other singers in the scenes
  • When a singer understands who their character really is, they can explore and develop that character freely and openly in the rehearsal process, allowing for growth

The lessons and tools I have included in Robust Role Preparation, all help you achieve those goals.


Dr. Regina Zona, Master Teacher/Creator of Singer Savvy Academy

That’s my cutie pie, Jack!

Here is what you get:

Instructional videos – a $1200 value


  • Why complete role preparation before the first rehearsal is important
  • Why you need to do more than just learn the notes and the text


  • how to research the origins of the work and why that’s important


  • how to do a complete character analysis that involves more than just knowing what the character DOES in the show – but understanding WHY they do what they do


  • how to prepare you score/script
  • what to do before you take the music to a coach
  • how to create a goal-oriented practice plan


Robust Role Preparation - Learn the step by step approach to learning a role from scratch

Supplemental Materials: a $400 value

  • The Complete Character Blueprint – a fillable PDF with every question you need to ask yourself in order to do a complete character analysis
  • Power Practice Planner – a daily practice planner that will guide you to create agoal-oriented action plan so you can learn the role efficiently in time for your first rehearsal

That’s a $1600 Value for ONLY $57!

You’ve got questions!

Isn't it enough to just read the synopsis of the show to figure out what's going on and who my character is?

Well, the short answer is….no! While the synopsis does give you an overall idea as to what is going on, the synopsis does not go into the details of what makes your character tick. It rarely covers the character’s personality traits, why they do what they do, how they interact with the other characters on stage, and it even more rarely covers what happens to the character before the show begins which is integral to how the character thinks and moves forward in the story. This is all important stuff as it will inform you how to completely embody the character with authenticity.

How can I prepare for a role if it's a new work and I don't get any materials before the first rehearsal.

That’s a good question! Sometimes, mostly in musical theatre, the singers are not given music or a script before the first rehearsal because it might still be in the process of being written. You can do a little research on what the work is about by asking the director or writer in advance. But if they aren’t able to give you any information beforehand, then you need to be ready as soon as you are given the materials – even if the materials are being dripped out to you gradually. The same work research and prep work needs to be done, it’s just the timeline that may change.

Can't I just find a coach to teach me the part?

Having a coach to work with as you are preparing a role is important! BUT you are wasting your money if you are asking them to “teach” you the role. If you do the prep work and the research, then your time with the coach will be so much more rich. They will be able to delve deeper into your work and address technical and emotional things that will bring that character to life through your voice and your expression. Without the prep work that is covered in Robust Role Preparation, the work you do with your coach will only touch the surface of what you could accomplish.

Do you offer private dramatic consultations?

Yes I do! I can help you through your research of the character, dramatic interpretation, guidance through your musical preparation and more. If you are interested in learning more about a private consultation (online or in person), send me an email at

Look what our students are saying!

Dr. Regina is an inspiration! She is truly passionate about music, and the energy creates an incredible atmosphere for learning! She challenged me as a performer and helped me learn to breathe life into the music–while also transforming my voice. She is a wonderful teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Dennis S.

This class is one of the most comprehensive courses I’ve ever taken. Regina Zona has created a truly brilliant course that covers all that you would need to know when going to prepare for a role in either opera or musical theatre. Whether discussing character building, working on a language, or even the practice process she lays it out succinctly and honestly. She even has created for the student a character building template that can be downloaded and printed out for your character preparation. Whether you’re an old pro or just starting out, this course has something for everyone!

Brandon M.

Who is Robust Role Preparation for?

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for Professional and Pre-professional Singers

Opera Singers

As an opera singer, you will need to prepare both standard operas and new works in a variety of languages and it is imperative you can understand how to communicate the character and story no matter how difficult the music or how unfamiliar you are with the language.

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for social media superstars!

Musical Theatre Singers

As a musical theatre singer, you need to be skilled in many styles – classic legit, contemporary, pop/rock, and more. You also may be cast in brand new works with no reference recordings and no clear backstory. You need to know how to embody the material even if you have to make up a backstory.

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Refund Policy

Due to the fact that this is a digital product, I’m not able to give refund for Robust Role Preparation. But something tells me, you’re gonna like it!

Picture It!

Imagine yourself at the first rehearsal of your new show. You have the music in your voice and body and sound like you have been singing it for years. You fully understand your character and how they interact with every other character on stage. Your director and conductor are delighted that they can take a deep dive into the intricasies of the music and the drama with you because you are so prepared.

And you feel excited about the process because you feel grounded and open to the growth that the collaboration of working with the other singers is going to give you.

Robust Role Preparation has a $1600 value
that you are getting for only $57!

But this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. That special price is going away soon and the same program will be offered at over 4xs the price!
So the time to take a deep dive into your new role is NOW!

Robust Role Preparation

A mini-course that teaches you exactly what you need to do to learn a new role so you go to your first rehearsal completely prepared.

In Robust Role Preparation, you will have the tools you need to learn a role from scratch – from the music and the text, to the character analysis and dramatic arc of the story, to the memorization and vocal stamina needed to sing the role.

Special Limited Time Price!



Robust Role Preparation - A mini-course that will give you all the tools you new to learn a new role from scratch