The Quickest Way to Master Sight Singing

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Hands down, when I ask any singer what scares them most regarding musicianship skills, the most frequent answer is SIGHT SINGING!

And I get it.

There are few times singers feel more vulnerable than when they have to pick up a piece of music they’ve never seen before and sing it in front of other people with no preparation.

But sight-singing is a learned skill. You can become a master sight-singer with practice.

And the quickest way to learn how to sight read is by using solfeggio and the Kodaly hand signs.

Check out this excerpt from Sight Singing Made Simple, one of the comprehensive courses in the Singer Savvy Academy Membership.

Sight Singing Made Simple is one of the 9 courses you can have immediate access to in the Singer Savvy Academy Membership!

Sight Singing Made Simple gives you all the basic tools to overcome your sight reading struggles and eliminate any fear.

Sight Singing doesn’t have to be intimidating. Being able to sight sing effectively is a learned skill. With some basic tools, you can become a confident sight singer and crush those fears!

Here’s what’s included:

20 Instructional videos
-Welcome to Sight Singing Made Simple!
-How to navigate through the course

Beginner Concepts
-Rhythm 101 – Whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes; Simple Meter 4/4 & 3/4
-Solfeggio in Major Keys
-Music Reading 101 – Treble and Bass Clefs
-Rhythm 102 – Eighth and sixteenth notes; Compound Time 6/8 & 9/8

Intermediate Concepts
-Key Signatures in Major Keys
-Singing steps vs. skips
-Rhythm 201 – Sixteenth and dotted eighth notes

Advanced Concepts
-Key Signatures in Minor Keys
-Solfeggio in Minor Keys
-Recognizing chords
-Advanced rhythm – Triplets and Less used time signatures

Finding Success
-Tips for Successful Sight Singing
-Next Steps

Sight Singing Success Quizzes
–Short quizzes at the end of each module to guage your success

Supplemental Materials
-Illustrated workbook that supports the material introduced in each video lesson
-Simple Sight Singing Success Exercises – a book with 400 progressive exercises that you can practice on your own to become a master sight reader

Singer Savvy Academy’s Online Courses Are:

– Easy to follow –
– All-inclusive –
– Done at your own pace –


– Fun and engaging –




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