Voracious Vocalizing

A mini-course that will help you create a daily action-plan to build vocal stamina and keep your voice healthy.


What if you never struggled again to find the motivation to “warm-up” your voice because you didn’t know where to start?

Whether you are a voice student who is looking for a systematic method to achieving more stamina in your singing or you are a professional or pre-professional singer who is looking for the tools to help maintain your vocal health when you are performing, this mini-course is for YOU.

With Voracious Vocalizing, you will never struggle with the motivation to vocalize again. You will learn how to create a personalized daily-action plan to get your voice moving and working the way you need it to….in minutes – not hours.



Tell me if this sounds like you:

You know you should warm-up your voice before you sing, but you find vocal exercises boring. Or you get frustrated with the fact that you don’t have the stamina to sing for long periods of time? Or you know you need to vocalize but you have no idea what exercises are right for your voice?

What if there was a way…

…to design a specific vocal warm plan for you and only you that you could do in minutes a day so that you can have all the stamina you need to sing whatever and however long you want and keep your voice healthy?

That is exactly why I created Voracious Vocalizing

I break down the process of finding a vocal “warm-up” routine that achieves the results that YOU need – stamina, vocal health, ease, and joy in singing.

In just 10 minutes a day….

….achieve those things through a personalized systematic plan that is anything but boring!

Inside Voracious Vocalizing, you will learn…

Why vocal exercises are more than just "warm-ups" and why you need to do them every day

How to develop a daily vocalization routine that takes minutes, not hours

How to address particular vocal issues with vocalises and how to incorporate them into your routine

How to use your repertoire to develop vocal exercises that focus on problem areas

…and MORE!

Right now…

…you struggle with the fact that you know you should do vocal exercises before you sing but you find them so boring and you just want to get to singing the “good stuff.” You don’t know which vocalises are best for what you need to address. You hardly have time to practice your repertoire and the thought of spending lots of time on vocal exercises on top of that is daunting.

Imagine if…

…You could have a personalized series of vocal exercises that address exactly the issues that you need.
…You could have an audio recording of those exercises to use whenever you needed them.
…You could build the vocal stamina that you need in just 10 minutes a day.

These possibilities could be your realities!



I am Dr. Regina Zona and I am an Award-Winning Singer and Master Teacher of Voice and Piano. I became an internationally recognized Opera Singer in my 20s, a Classical Recording Artist with an international record label in my 30s, and an award-winning Cabaret Singer…let’s say, later.

I have been teaching voice and piano for over three decades in a thriving private studio as well as in several universities around the country. I am also an in-demand dramatic coach for singers in opera and musical theatre and a stage director.

I’m going to spill the “T” now….

I used to HATE to vocalize. All I wanted to do was sing! Arias specifically! ? The thought of spending time at the beginning of each practice session trudging through Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol in every key, made me so annoyed.

But then, as I started getting older, my voice wouldn’t respond as quickly as it did when I was a young singer. If I didn’t vocalize properly before I sang, I would tire out really quickly and I would develop a big breathy hole in my voice as it fatigued.

Then, when my career shifted from the opera world to the cabaret world, I realized that I couldn’t properly access my belt/mix without doing a series of vocalises that put my voice in the right place.

This is why I created Voracious Vocalizing. It took me years to learn HOW to vocalize in such a way that I could always access whatever I needed to access in my voice quickly and efficiently. Now I have students that are constantly asking me, “what exercises should I do? how do I practice [a particular vocal issue]?”

These things are exactly what Voracious Vocalizing address.

Dr. Regina Zona, Master Teacher/Creator of Singer Savvy Academy

Here is what you get:

5 Video Modules – a $697 value

-What is vocalizing?
-What is the purpose?
-How long do you need to vocalize?

-How do you structure your vocalises in a session?
-Where do you begin? Where do you end?

-Addressing exercises for specific issues
-Register blending
-Range extension

-Which vowels and consonants to use
-Creating your own vocalises
-Using your repertoire to address an issue

-Best practices/strategies for your vocalization sessions
-A list of resources to expand your vocal exercises

5-Day Sing & Play - Learn how to play and sing your favorite songs in just 5 days!

BONUS VIDEOS – a $497 value

-Interviews with three Master teachers with their tips on how to implement an efficient vocalizing routine

Supplemental Materials: a $397 value

-Voracious Vocalizing Manual – a workbook with all the vocalises that will be introduced in the course
-Vocalization Journal – a journal where you can make notes of your favorite exercises, create your own, and track your progress
-The Vocalise Travel Companion – an audio file that you can take with you anywhere of piano accompaniments of a 10 minute quick and easy vocalise session

5-Day Sing & Play - Learn how to play and sing your favorite songs in just 5 days!

That’s an $1591 Value for ONLY $97!

You’ve got questions!

Can't I just sing some scales before I start to sing and be good to go?

Well, yes! But it’s important to realize that when we vocalize we are aligning all of the physical systems in play. Every vocal exercise serves a particular purpose to focus on one or more of those systems – breath, muscular coordination, resonance, etc. Singing a few scales may do it for you, but in order to reap the true benefits of proper vocalization, you should have a plan that addresses the lining up of those systems.

What exactly is vocalizing?

Vocalizing is the act of singing vocal exercises often on scalar patterns of particular vowels and consonants. 

I'm a belter and have no interest in learning how to sing classical music. Do I need this course?

While there are distinct technical differences between belting technique and classical technique, 80% of vocal technique that one addresses in vocalises crosses over genres easily. This course covers vocalises that can be used easily by all singers regardless of genre and there are also genre-specific exercises that address those particular needs.

Why do I need to vocalize every day?

Vocalizing is not just about “warming-up” the voice but about so much more. Proper vocalizing promotes the alignment of your breath and body and gets your voice to resonate optimally. Vocalizing every day trains your body to respond to that proper balance and alignment quickly and efficiently.

What equipment do I need follow this course?

All the lessons take place in your internet browser. The only thing you need is a device (computer, laptop, tablet, or phone) with an internet connection to play the videos. The Vocalise Travel Companion is a downloadable audio file (mp3) which you can play on any device at any time without an internet connection.

Some happy singers!

What I love about Dr. Regina is that her lessons are very personal focusing as you the student, you the performer, and you the person. I truly felt that she cared about my overall vocal health and growth as a singer.

Johanna D.

It’s easy to forget that your voice needs both a good workout and some TLC to stay healthy. Voracious Vocalizing invites you to create a routine so you can strengthen your skills. Whether you want to work on breathwork stamina or play with your range or address vocal agility- Dr. Zona has you covered! She shares different ways to efficiently exercise your voice in a short amount of time. Learning how to practice mindfully with Dr. Zona as your guide is simply a fabulous investment in your voice.

Christine F.

What I admire most about Regina is her ability to effectively communicate with each student on an individual level. If you do not grasp a concept immediately, she will find a different way to approach the idea until it works for you.

Meghan K.

Who is Voracious Vocalizing for?

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for Professional and Pre-professional Singers

The Professional Singer/Performer

You are a singer who depends on your voice to be healthy and at its best all the time. You need to have a reliable routine you can count on to get your voice ready to perform.

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for social media superstars!

The Voice Student

You are spending a lot of money on voice lessons and working actively to improve your voice. You want to consistently work on your technique on your own so that you can achieve your vocal goals faster.

5-Day Sing & Play is perfect for Avid Music Lovers

The Amateur Singer

You sing for pleasure, or in a choir, or for your friends and family and you want a consistent routine to practice so that your voice improves and stays healthy.

Are you ready to get started??? This is how it works.

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Step Two

Check your email for a confirmation and then sign in to Voracious Vocalizing in your favorite web browser.

Step Three

Start vocalizing!

Refund Policy

Due to the fact that this is a digital product, I’m not able to give refund for Voracious Vocalizing. But something tells me, you’re gonna like it!

Picture It!

5-Day Sing & Play - Learn to play and sing your favorite songs in just 5 days!

Imagine where you could be by this time next week! Excited about having a quick daily routine that will strengthen your technique…on the road to building the stamina you need to sing whatever repertoire you want to sing…confident that you will have the tools to diagnose and work on issues with your voice on your own.

Voracious Vocalizing is an $1591 value
that you are getting for only $97!

But this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. That special price is going away soon and the same program will be offered well over $100!
So the time to up your vocal technique and consistency with a proven systematic approach is NOW!

Voracious Vocalizing

Create a daily action-plan to build vocal stamina and keep your voice healthy

With Voracious Vocalizing, you will never struggle with the motivation to vocalize again. You will learn how to create a personalized daily-action plan to get your voice moving and working the way you need it to….in minutes – not hours.

Special Limited Time Price!



5-Day Sing & Play - Learn how to play and sing your favorite songs in just 5 days!