Transforming Savvy Singers into Confident Musicians, Performers, & Artists

“Everything but the Voice Lessons!”

Confidence comes from more than great singing.

Whether you are a professional, aspiring professional, or avocational singer, voice lessons alone are not enough to transform you into a confident musician.

In fact, without a strong sense of musicianship, your love of singing may come with some hesitation, fear, and frustration.

Singer Savvy Academy is here to fill in the gaps! Our self-paced, easy to follow online courses are designed to help you develop your musical and artistic skills so you enjoy practicing and performing, as well as nailing auditions and getting more gigs!

Who is Singer Savvy Academy For?

Professional Singers

You’ve got the voice! But…

  • Your lack of musicianship skills make learning music slow and tedious
  • You hesitate to audition or lose out on gigs that would require sight reading or learning music quickly
  • You could step in to sing something last minute – but only if you already know the music
  • It’s costing you $$$ to have a pianist or coach help you learn your music

Aspiring Professional Singers

You’re on track to be on stage or become a recording artist! But…

  • Your lack of musicianship skills are keeping you from tapping into a deeper, more authentic level of artistry
  • You can only sing a cappella or along with tracks/others because you haven’t learned how to read music or play for yourself
  • You don’t know how to sight sing or learn music efficiently, and you know you’re going to need those skills to compete with the pros

Voice Teachers

You know the voice! But…

  • You don’t play piano well enough (or at all) to really support your students’ learning
  • Your own lack of musicianship contributes to a lack of confidence when it comes to teaching
  • You crave ways to help your students with musicianship and you need new ideas to support your pedagogy

Avocational Singers

You love singing! But…

  • You don’t feel like you understand the language of music as well as you would like to
  • You’d love to be able to sing and play the piano for your own enjoyment or for friends and family
  • You’d love to have a stronger set of musicianship skills to support the singing you do in a church choir, community choir, or local show


Piano Skills

You don’t need to know how to play Beethoven sonatas, but you do need to know how to accompany yourself, play chords, and learn music at the keyboard.

Music Fundamentals

These create the foundation for music reading. Become proficient in recognizing key signatures, counting rhythms, reading in both clefs, as well as establishing your working knowledge of harmony and harmonic progressions, score construction, and more!


An essential tool for all singers – being able to pick up a piece of music you’ve never seen before and sing it on sight!

Audition Techniques

Auditioning is an art form in itself. You need to know the techniques that will help you gain confidence and get you noticed so you can get hired!


Being a professional singer means you are your own boss – the CEO. That means you need the skills of a CEO to be a part of the business of singing. Step into your entrepreneurial role with confidence by gaining these essential skills.

and MORE....

This is just the beginning. Check out all of our courses to see everything currently being offered!


1. Enroll in the courses that best fit your needs

2. Sign in to your account from anywhere using your favorite browser on your chosen device

3. Engage with each lesson at your own pace

There are supplemental materials that accompany most courses which you can use online or print out for your convenience.

Everything you need is provided, all in one place!

Start Learning Now

Piano Savvy for Singers
Piano Savvy for Singers

Hello! Let me introduce myself!

I’m Dr. Regina Zona, owner of Singer Savvy Academy by the Zona Studio LLC.

As a master teacher of voice, piano, and dramatic interpretation, I have been teaching voice and piano for over three decades in a thriving private studio as well as in tenure-track positions at several universities around the country. I am also an in-demand dramatic coach for singers in opera and musical theatre and a stage director.

At Singer Savvy Academy, I serve singers and voice teachers who want to master the musicianship skills by offering easy to follow, self-paced online courses that support their singing and the singing of their students. I’m here to help singers transform into well-rounded musicians, performers, and artists.

Oh yeah – I’m an award-winning performing artist, too!

I am a former award-winning opera singer, a current award-winning cabaret singer, and a recording artist with 3 albums, one of which is on the Naxos American Classics Label.

I started to play piano at the age of 8 and I had dreams of becoming a concert pianist. But when I was a junior in high school, I was cast as Maria in West Side Story and that was it…The stage got me – hook, line, and sinker! Ever since, I have been blessed to sing on opera and concert stages around the world and in some of the most prestigious clubs in New York City.

But most importantly, I am a wife and a mommy to three adorable puppies (Max, Chester, and Jack – he’s the cutie in the picture). I also drink way too much coffee. (The truth is that I don’t think I actually like the taste of coffee all that much, but I love sitting in a Starbucks on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, sipping my latte, and watching the ever-fascinating New York City crowds!) I am also obsessed with Bob Fosse and I frequently break out in musical theatre song lyrics…

Helping singers to gain the confidence that I had because of my musicianship is one of my biggest passions. All too often I have seen singers and voice teachers with incredible talent struggle and become frustrated by a lack of musicianship. Gaining these skills should be enjoyable and fun, and that sounds like something you need, check out what is offered here. I would love the opportunity to help you become empowered, gain confidence, and enjoy your singing and/or teaching even more!

AND Singer Savvy Academy is proud to donate a portion of EVERY course sale to a wonderful organization – Shih Tzus & Furbabies Rescue. They  brought Jack and Chester into our lives and we will be forever grateful!

The Musicianship Skills You Need to Become Empowered, Gain Confidence and Take Your Singing and/or Voice Teaching to the Next Level

Singer Savvy Academy’s Online Courses Are:

- Easy to follow -
- All-inclusive -
- Done at your own pace -


- Fun and engaging -

So let's get started!

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