Online Music Courses that will enhance your musical training with the skills that you need to become a better musician, performer, and artist

You are a singer.

No matter what level you are at, be it professional or amateur, singing is what you do, it is what fulfills you.

And there is more to being a singer than just opening your mouth and belting out the arias or showtunes or jazz standards.

Singer Savvy Academy is here to fill in the gaps. We provide online music courses to develop your musical and artistic skills which will ultimately make you a better musician, a better performer, and a better artist.

And you can achieve all of this from the comfort of your own home. All of our courses are online!

Who is Singer Savvy Academy For?

Professional Singers

You are a working singer with lots of gigs lined up but are always frustrated with the fact that your musical skills aren’t strong enough to allow you to learn music quickly and efficiently. You end up paying people to help you learn roles and songs and you realize how much money you could save if you could do it yourself.

Aspiring Singers

You have the dream of becoming a professional singer one day be it on the opera or musical theatre stage or in the bright lights of a packed stadium. You realize that in order to be taken seriously, you need to beef up your musical skills so you can compete with the professionals.

Voice Teachers

You have been teaching voice privately or in schools for a long time or maybe you are just starting out. You are confident about the pedagogy of voice but you are frustrated with the fact that you can’t play the piano well enough to accompany your students. Or you need new ideas to teach musicianship to your students.

Music Lovers

You don’t have any aspirations for a professional singing career but you have always wanted to learn more about music. You want to sing and play the piano for pleasure and understand the musical language to impress your friends and family. You want to have better skills to support your church or community choir.


Piano Skills

You don’t need to know how to play Beethoven sonatas, but you do need to know how to accompany yourself, play chords, and learn music at the keyboard.

Music Fundamentals

Exactly what it says – the essentials of music reading. You’ll learn key signatures, rhythms, reading in both clefs, the fundamentals of harmony and harmonic progressions, score construction, and more.


An essential tool for all singers – being able to pick up a piece of you music you’ve never seen before and sing it perfectly on sight.

Practice Techniques

Practicing isn’t just about singing through your songs. There is an art to it so that you learn things more effectively and efficiently.

Role Preparation

Learning a role from scratch can be a daunting task and it is more than just memorizing the words and music.

and MORE....

This is all just the beginning. New courses will be added on a regular basis.


Learn what you need to learn at your own pace.

Purchase one course or more courses, sign in to your account in your favorite browser and go through each lesson at your own pace. You can watch on your favorite device anywhere.

There are supplemental materials that accompany most courses which you can use online or print out for your convenience.

And if you want the whole Academy experience, purchase a lifetime membership which gives you access to all courses currently running and any course that is created in the future!

Some of Our Courses

Piano Savvy for Singers

Hello! I am Dr. Regina Zona

I am an Award-Winning Singer, Master Teacher of Voice, and Professional Accompanist. I became an internationally recognized Opera Singer in my 20s, a Classical Recording Artist with an international record label in my 30s, and an award-winning Cabaret Singer…let’s say, later.

But most importantly, I am a wife, a mommy to three adorable puppies, Max, Annie and Jack and I drink way too much coffee. And if, I’m being totally honest, I don’t even think I really like the taste of coffee.

I have been teaching voice and piano for over three decades, in a thriving private studio as well as in several universities around the country. I am also an in-demand dramatic coach for singers in opera and musical theatre and a stage director.

I know, I know….lots of bragging!

I began playing piano when I was 8 years old. With years of lessons behind me, I had dreams of becoming a concert pianist. But when I was cast as the lead in my high school musical, all that changed. And eventually I realized that opera was my destiny.

In all those years of singing professionally, the one thing I could always count on was my excellent musicianship – I could sight read almost any piece of music, I could learn roles very quickly, and I could hold my own in the most difficult ensembles. And that was all due to those many years of piano study. The piano was the foundation of my musical education.

There are so many singers out there – extremely talented singers – and I have worked with several of them – who don’t have the musical foundation that I was lucky enough to have. They have to pay people to teach them their roles or their songs because they don’t have the skills to do it on their own.

That is why I created Singer Savvy Academy – to fill in the gaps for all those singers out there who need a stronger musical foundation.

So let's get started!

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