Step 1: Watch the Power Practice Lite Video for some great tips on how to make the most of your practicing.

Step 2: Download your copy of the Power Practice Planner

Step 3: Enroll in Sight Singing Made Simple so you can finally crush your fear of sight singing!

What if you could confidently pick up a song you have never seen before and sight sing it perfectly in the first try?

Whether you are a professional or pre-professional singer who needs to learn music quickly OR you are a high school singer who preparing for auditions OR you are community or choral singer who is always working on new music, this comprehensive course is for YOU.

Inside Sight Singing Made Simple, you will get everything that you need to finally be able to sight sing effortlessly without fear in practically no time at all.

What’s inside?

  • 20 Instructional Videos that cover music reading (both clefs and simple/complex rhythms), solfeggio, key signatures, sight singing in Major and minor keys, and more!
  • Success Quizzes to practice and measure your progress
  • Accompanying workbook
  • Sight Singing Success Excercises – a book with 400 sight singing examples in both clefs to practice on your own time
5-Day Sing & Play - Learn how to play and sing your favorite songs in just 5 days!