The Ultimate Singer Gift Guide

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Here we are again!


So I have decided to give you an Ultimate Gift Guide for the singers in your life.

(and if YOU are the singer in your life, this list is for you!)

Many of these links are affiliate links which means should you choose to purchase any of these items from this post, I’ll receive a tiny commission.


Complete Vocal Fitness: A Singer’s Guide to Physical Training, Anatomy, and Biomechanics by Claudia Friedlander

This book by New York City Voice Teacher, Claudia Friedlander, dicusses vocal anatomy and technique and how physical training can enhance your singing.

Acting the Song: Performance Skills for the Musical Theatre by Allison Bergman & Tracey Moore 

If you want to make an impression in your performance in musical theatre, this is the book you need. And even though it is specifically for musical theatre performers, there are some wonderful  tips applicable to opera singers too.

The Empty Voice: Acting Opera by Leon Major

Whereas the previous book was specifically for musical theatre, this book is all about acting in opera. Leon Major was the artistic director of the Maryland Opera Studio and also an acclaimed opera director at companies like New York City Opera.

Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway: Dynamic Techniques for Turning Fear, Indecision, and Anger into Power, Action, and Love by Susan Jeffers

This is a great book! Fear can be our greatest enemy and our greatest motivator. Susan Jeffers covers it all!

Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music 3rd Edition by Angela Myles Beeching

This is an excellent guide on all things music business and how to set yourself up as the entrepreneur you need to be.


The Singing Straw

This is an excellent little kit with three straws of different circumferences, a pipe cleaner, and a case. You can easily carry them with you anywhere you need to do your SOVT exercises.

Mypurmist Free Ultrapure Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler, Vaporizer and Humidifier

When you are traveling and when you are in the cold weather, it’s important to keep your cords moist. This Deluxe Kit will give you everything you need to keep your voice healthy.


Piano Cabinet Bag

Every Diva needs a Piano Handbag! My favorite designer, Suzanne Vinnik of byVinnik, curates the most fabulous accessories and she has this bag in four colors. While you are on her site, check out the Diva-licious apparel.

Chunky Infinity Scarf

Keep warm when you are walking to those winter auditions and rehearsals with this soft and fuzzy infinity scarf.

Pamina Bracelet

My favorite jewlery designer is a former opera singer. Rebecca Carr of Belle Pietre Designs names each piece she creates after an operatic character. Peruse her website and you will find lots of gorgeous baubles.

Singer Savvy Academy Logo Zipped/Hooded Sweatshirt

I wear this nearly every day! Warm and cozy and stylish!


Rossini Quote Kitchen Apron

Rossini loved to cook and you’ll look great cooking in this apron!

Singer Savvy Academy 20oz Insulated Bottle

Stay hydrated and show your Singer Savvy Academy pride!


Best Today Daily Planner and Journal

The Best Today Planner is a fabulous tool that helps you reach your goals by planning your day by focusing on your values. This is a must-have.

Singer Savvy Academy Ruled Notebook

Use it as a practice planner, a journal, or your shopping list. This a great lined harcover journal.


If you are looking for a single song in a particular artist’s arrangement, this is the website. They have music in every genre for almost any instrumentation including choral music. And they have a monthly membership which allows you to read almost every piece of music directly on the site so you don’t have to purchase it.

PianoTrax Accompaniment Tracks

There are a few apps out there that have accompaniment tracks that you can use for rehearsal and even performance purposes. PianoTrax focuses mostly on musical theatre and popular music but also has classical and other genres.

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